Ok on the outside?

A few things were very obvious when looking at this cabrio, it was worn, well worn like an old shoe. Still did the job intended but with some leaks and splits. The hood although replaced in 1988 had been replaced with a vinyl hood and not a sonnenland version. Not only had it already shrunk in a few places but the area around the rear window was a concern since it had shrunk and water had attacked the rear window wooden frame, or as was the case in these later models compressed chipboard, not a very good idea at the best of time was it.


The inside was not much better, the headliner had also shrunk but had become very brittle with ages and was literally breaking apart. It was obvious that a new hood was going to be needed, but this is a usual requirement for an older cabrio anyway. Looks like an order with KHM was going to be a necessity. The interior could best be described as tired, the seats were dead, the drivers side having springs intersecting with ones posterior.